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Тина Ви ООД е Бюро за подбор на детегледачки и домашни помощници.

Dear parents,

When I started to write this, my intentions were to let you know how we do it and to keep it short within few sentences.

Well, the truth is that nothing in our work can be kept short, standard and universal. Every other family of ours rushes into the office with many individual criteria, private requirements, personal attitude… The only similarity within all this – is us, our team. We always wish to give our best and to help with the right choice.

Since 2006 we are in the business with assisting families in choosing their domestic staff. We have participated in the choice of hundreds of candidates, we have experienced moments of joy and relief when meeting the right person; worries from the lack of time for decision. And our favorite moment when the child has been grown up, the nanny has already became a part of the family and you can listen to the others complaining how difficult is to find the right person, smiling. This is the moment we work so hard for and never complain from the obstacles to get it!


If the need to hire a domestic staff knocks on your door, we will gladly come to you so you could share your requirements with us and we could share our great experience with you. Call us even when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for – together we will smoothly find the right answer.


P.S. By the way I perfectly understand your worries about to whom you could trust. The company itself was born while I was looking for an agency that could answer my needs and to feel all that what even I haven’t realized I have been looking for… No matter how impossible it looked at that time (2006) our Aunt Jenny is now more than four years part of our family.

Best regards,

Tina Balusheva

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